Painting at the Jam

We want to thank everyone for the interest and support for JERSEY FRESH JAM 2017! The response has been incredible and we are looking forward to the of right now we do have some sponsorship opportunities available as well as vendor spots that are still open so feel free to contact us regarding these spots.

As of right now all the painting spots are filled and there just isn’t any more room for additional artists. If any spots do become available we will be inviting people to come down and rock. Painting spots are given out by invitation only.

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2 Responses to Painting at the Jam

  1. Francisco Banegas says:

    I would love to have a chance to come and paint for you guys and support the movement

  2. danny "beast" quinones says:

    hey im a graffiti enthusiast and am learning about your event for the first time and was wondering when will it be held this year or next. thanks your reply is appreciated.

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